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A note from studiothree

When we started our undergraduate studies, we never dreamed that our paths would one day cross in film. What began as a hobby soon developed into a passion that consumed our nights. Back then, we used to hang out a lot in studio room 3. There, we watched films, made films, held meetings, chilled out, occasionally slept over – always dreaming about new possibilities.

Somewhere along the way, we got lucky enough to work with a whole bunch of talented crew, cast, and musicians on our projects. Now, we are even more fortunate to be able to call them friends.

Today, we all hold full-time day-jobs in our respective non-film-related professional fields. But despite our different paths, here we are again. With no big budgets, complicated story-lines or major publicity campaigns, but just a heartfelt vision to continue honing our craft and telling stories that we hope our audience can connect with and enjoy.

Here’s to friendship.